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Mentioned rates are incl.21% VAT

Per 1st January 2022 we have the following rates:

(not applicable for excisting cliënts)




Coach session

Session at your home

Class observation                                      

5 sessions package price

(Evaluation) session with parents

I'm learning to learn course(5X)

Healing story(loose)


Calling of an appointment within 24 hours in advance won't be charged

No show session                                € 30



Milou Kindercoaching is affiliated with Stichting Kwaliteit Jeugd (SKJ),

which constitutes of a national umbrella organisation where children coaching collaborating on quality.




Chambre of commerce: 61846953

VAT number:                 161827937B02

AGB-code:                   98104029

€ 65

€ 65

€ 75

€ 65

€ 260

€ 65

€ 182,50

€ 65

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