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I'm learning to learn course

This is a training for children and adolescents from year 10 and above who are experiencing problems with their school tasks and are looking for advice. 

Learn during training: HOW you can learn, WHAT you need to learn and WHY learning can be fun. The training I'm learning to learn gives children and young people "smart tools" for easier and more efficient learning. Learning is complex. Children have much to assimilate and school requirements are becoming more demanding. 'I'm learning to learn' is a specific program for children and young people at primary and secondary school who find learning a challenge.


What will you be learning? 

During the course you will learn:

  • To think how, what and why you want to learn.

  • To plan and organise your homework.

  • To remember and reproduce information in a different way.

  • How to concentrate more

  • What you need to like learning.

  • Strategies to overcome fear of failing.

  • Insight into why you are experiencing difficulties.

  • A lot of useful  tips and exercises, based on research.


Content of the program:

Each lesson is formulated in clear and concrete terms. The exercises, tests and many tips contain valuable information to support achievable goals. Each lesson has a fixed structure in which rest and activities alternate. Learning to relax and then to concentrate play an important role. Each lesson has it's own particular theme.

  • Lesson 1: Determining qualities and challenges

  • Lesson 2: Learning to handle failure and motivational strategies

  • Lesson 3: Learning plans, setting priorities, organizing time, self-evaluation

  • Lesson 4: Learning techniques to increase concentration

  • Lesson 5: teaching techniques in the field of memory for language, mathematics and symbolism


Where and when






I'm learning to learn is given in a one-on-one setting in my practice, and includes 5 lessons of each 90 minutes. The training costs are €182,50 incl. VAT per participant and also includes the costs of the company workbook(€32,50)


The training is developed by Center Tea Adema. For more information call       0622333210 or see contact.

I'mLearning to learn in Oosterbeek !
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