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Highly sensitive persons/children 

– are intuitively wel developed 
– are creative
– have great empathy (empathic)
– are imaginative
– are reliable
– often think deeply about life
– are careful and aware
– do things well
– have a regular need for a quiet environment 
– notice nuanced details and differences
– are more sensitive to physical contact 
– understand the mood and emotions of others
– think about many things and review them from different    angles
– are touched by art, nature, music or a beautiful movie

-  have a que to senses

High sensivity

October 12, 2017

'The essential feature of high sensitivity is thorough processing. There can be a number of attributes such as overcrowding, emotionally or subtleties', says Professor Elke van Hoof(ULB). Every moment of the day, we hear, see, smell, taste and feel through our senses. An HSP/HSC experiences things more intensely than average because their brain filters in a different way.

VAN HOOF: One of our findings is that HSP/HSC are very receptive to what is called 'differential susceptibility' in psychology. This is not exclusive to HSP/HSC, it is also important in other areas.

The positive or negative impact of an environment is decisive for HSP/HSC's. For example there is a big difference between highly sensitive children who grow up with non-caring parents, while others, who have supportive parents, are well prepared for later life.


Those from non-supportive background  are more likely to suffer from depression and other mental problems. In my practice, i have also observed that HSP's/HSC's respond more quickly to a positive approach. The good news is that HSP's/HSC's who are aware of their condition are able to use it to their advantage.

VAN HOOF: Research into children's behavior can be difficult but from my observations i have learned that highly sensitive children prefer process the world at their own pace. Unfortunately there are many children who are unable to do that and may become angry and aggressive. Punishing them and imposing penalties is senseless. If one avoids conflict with a sensitive child, they will calm down more quickly. An HSC need a framework in which to operate. They want to know why they are expected to act in a particular manner and by providing them with structured environment and involving them in a meaningful consultation, one can bypass many problems. 

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